Inglés Halloween

Se acerca Halloween… ¿Estás preparado para la noche más terrorífica del año?

La palabra Halloween procede de la expresión inglesa All Hallow’s Eve, que significa “Víspera de Todos los Santos” y se celebra durante la noche del 31 de octubre.

Desde Cambridge English nos ofrecen 10 phrasal verbs para que puedas practicar tu inglés en la noche de Halloween.

1. dress up
EN: to put on special clothes in order to change your appearance

ESP: disfrazarse

Ej. Lots of people dress up as zombies for Halloween.

2. turn into
EN: to change from one thing to another

ESP: convertirse

Ej. Some people say that witches can turn into cats.

3. gross out
EN: deliberately showing or saying things that people may find disgusting, in a humorous way

ESP: asquear, repugnar

Ej. If you would like to gross out your squeamish friends, try our brain cake recipe.

4. creep up
EN: to slowly approach someone

ESP: acercarse sigilosamente

Ej. The skeleton crept up on me and gave me a fright!

5. freak out
EN: to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional or amazed

ESP: asustarse, alucinar

Ej. I have a Halloween costume that will freak out literally everyone this year, it is terrifyingly good!

6. carve out
EN: to create a sculpture from something, typically a pumpkin at this time of year

ESP: perforar, tallar

Ej. You could always take a few moments to carve out a pumpkin, and have a scary ghost pop out.

7. show up
EN: to arrive, especially at a place where people are expecting you

ESP: aparecer

Ej. Lisa showed up late for trick-or-treating.

8. scare off
EN: to frighten someone so they go away

ESP: espantar

Ej. Mr Williams scared off the trick or treaters when he offered them eyeballs instead of candy.

9. spook out
EN: to scare or frighten someone

ESP: asustar

Ej. Those Halloween decorations are really spooking me out!

10. run away
EN: to escape from a person or situation

ESP: escapar

Ej. …and don’t forget, If you see a monster, run away!

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